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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I've Got A Wonderful Wife...

Yup. She's a keeper, all right!

She keeps house, makes great meals, does the budget, takes lots of pictures, doesn't mind my short comings, and keeps our marriage full of laughter.

Tomorrow is my birthday, so she baked a cake for me today (she also baked a Cherry Pie for a neighbor, so that's why the cake was early...).

She's such a good wife....

She even let me make a date with another woman!

You see, there was this cattle auction today, that I wanted to attend. A friend (the other woman...) also wanted to go. Deb knew how bad I was looking forward to the sale, so she decided to stay home and let me go on my date.

She even made me dress up for it! I was just about to leave, when she told me I'd better change out of my "barn clothes"....

I said "Dear - WHY should I change? I'm going to a CATTLE SALE, are you afraid I'll smell like a cow?"

She mumbled something about taking a shower, "high heaven", or something, I didn't quite catch the whole thing.....

Anyhoo - I got to the auction, and felt a little over dressed. My only saving grace was the "muck boots" (complete with "muck") I was wearing. The new pair of blue jeans and clean ball cap I had on, got me nothing but stares from folks in ripped up coveralls, faded jeans, and cowboys hats. I had wanted to wear my "Cow Hat" and "Goat Coat", but was over ruled.

If you are unfamiliar with those two items, here is a quick overview:

Cow Hat - Since a milk cow soon figures out which side you prefer to milk on, she will learn to SLEEP on that side, thus collecting all kinds of "stuff" on her hind leg on that side. You wear the Cow Hat when milking to avoid transferring said "stuff" to your head.

Goat Coat - Sounds better then "Cow Coat". Same idea behind Cow Hat. Aimed at avoiding unwanted deposits on your person. Smells like an old Billy goat. Usually the most ripped up coat you own.

It was a good sale, and everyone had a good time. Some of the bovine went for pretty high prices, some went for pretty low, and others went unsold. I only wish I had the money to actually BUY some of them, there were some NICE looking cows.

Alas, I came home without a cow......

And I was "stood up" to boot!

My "date" never showed.....


  1. *snicker* Just goes to show you should have made a "date" with your wife, not someone else! I wouldn't have stood you up. Course I'm not sure I would have wanted to stay for the WHOLE sale either, so...I guess me not going was a good thing. *giggle* Besides you wouldn't have gotten your cake early if I had! :)

    Happy Birthday!!! (a little early)

  2. Happy Birthday Galen.

    Robin and Kathy

  3. Happy Birthday Dach, Have a good one.
    I miss you over at ATF. Gets boring there without you.


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