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Monday, January 4, 2010

No WONDER It's Cold In My Office!

Actually, Deb's office is colder in the winter.....

Her's is on the north side of the house, has no carpet, and was hard to insulate. I offered to switch, but she'd rather freeze to death...

MY office, on the other hand, is in the southwest corner of our house, is covered on the west by and enclosed porch, and on the south by the kitchen. I also have carpet, and a better heat vent.

The dog's bed is also in this same - small - room.

Every once-in-awhile, my office DOES get a little nippy, though. Usually it's in the middle of the night when the furnace is turned down and I can't sleep. During these times, I don't bother to get dressed (it's like, 2:00 am...), so I keep a blanket handy to wrap up in while I fight insomnia and back pain at my computer.

Lately, I've come back into the office later in the morning and thought it was still a little cool, even though the furnace was going full tilt. I started finding said blanket partially on the floor, covering the heat vent.

At first, I thought it was MY fault - that I'd just tossed the blanket aside and accidentally covered the vent.

Amazingly, I found out that it was no accident....SOMEBODY decided that just laying on the heat vent wasn't good enough!

I caught the culprit this morning, though. The first thing I saw when I got to my office was my blanket laying on the floor - and a "lump" over where the heat vent is:

All Bundled Up

My mind had already formulated a theory as to WHO the culprit was, but I decided that I needed to uncover the evidence and take photographic proof.

Heat Sneak

I guess that the last few days of sub-zero weather have inspired Autumn to take drastic measures in order to keep warm.

Who would have known that a Miniature Dachshund could soak up SO much heat....


  1. LOL she does like the heat vents. And nope my office is better except for the cold, I like all the cupboards along the one wall, and the view out the window, so I'll survive when its cold, or leave my office. *giggle* And I didn't want carpet, cause vinyl is so much easier to clean! :)

  2. What a cute little heat sneak...smart, too.


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