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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wabbit Twacks!

WOW! Guess what?

It's SNOWING again....(will wonders never cease?)......

I don't know the OFFICIAL total, but here on the Hillbilly Hills Ranch, our total is over 32" since December 1st, 2009 - we haven't seen dirt, since. We haven't seen much sunshine or warm temps, either. It hasn't been above freezing since before Christmas - and doesn't look promising for that in the next 7 - 10 days.

All this makes me wonder -

WHY do Eskimos ENJOY living where they do?

Of course, I wonder why people in hot climates like where THEY live, too, so I guess it evens out....

All of the critters eat more in this weather, even the cats. I guess all of the mice have frozen to death - or moved south because, every time I see the felines, they are hovering over the feed bowl, acting like they are starving to death.

I know one thing - all this snow is getting slick out there.

Yesterday morning, I got my milk pail, filled it with hot water, then headed out the door to milk. I got 2/3 of the way there when my back gave out, which caused me to loose control and tumbled into a drift. After laying there, trying not to freeze, and hoping my legs would still move, I managed to clamber back up - and go refill my now empty bucket.

I have NO idea why this sort of thing always happens AFTER you've gone over half way to where you are going, but it always does.

So, there I was, re-filled bucket in hand and heading out the door. On the second trip, I got almost all the way to the barn when I started to do it again. This time, I managed to just lean against a snow bank and regain control. Everything else went uneventful as possible until the evening milking.

For SOME reason, two cats followed out of the barn and up the hill to the house. I was nearly safe when, The Pest dove in front of my legs and started me on my way to the ground. She probably had an ulterior motive to get me to fall - I was carrying a half full bucket of milk....

It all happened in slow motion- I stepped on some ice, my knee buckled, and I headed for the ground.

I foiled the cat though, I made it all the way down - and didn't spill a drop.

Next time, though - I'm stepping ON the cat.

The snow this morning started out light and faint, but has since picked up. The flakes have gotten bigger, but the amount of them has dropped off. Hopefully, we won't get much more then what we have now....

My back yard can't take much more - it's starting to get full.

I took this photo this noon. The fence is 42" tall.

Wabbit Twacks!

It's really easy to tell you've had too much snow. It's when you see that rabbits have started to go OVER your fence, instead of UNDER it.

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