Thursday, December 31, 2009

Party Girls

Well - it was bound to happen....

Party Girls

I shoulda known - with how rowdy I know these ladies (and I use the term VERY loosely...) can get. I guess they decided to start their New Year's Eve Celebration a WEE bit early.

Sapphire (the one on the left) looks like she's been at it all day - and it's just a little afternoon. Her sister - Topaz - looks like she isn't far behind.

I'd expect this kind of behavior from Sally (she's the Black, but I had NO IDEA that her influence was rubbing off on the others.

No WONDER they have been begging for extra grain these past few months! From the looks of it, they were making a little "Moonshine" behind my back!

I'd also be willing to bet that those pesky CATS had something to do with this! Even though the goats don't need anyone to help them be devious, this has "feline" written all over it.


Good thing the party hat covers up her little red horns....and good thing she has a grip on the gate - she looks a bit "tipsy"....

Oh well, I guess I can take consolation in the fact that, even though we weren't invited to the party, neither were the cows. Leave it to the Dairy goats to have a party on their own - even the Boers were left out.

I'd hate to see what condition they're gonna be in by midnight.....

From the looks of it, not many will be able to stay awake that long....


  1. Happy New Year to ALL of you,Cats,Goats Dogs, Cows included.

    Crane Man

  2. Oh Yeah I forgot the Pigeons and other fowl. LOL


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