Friday, February 26, 2010

Dead Dog, And The Punishment Closet

Yesterday, I had to run into town on an errand. Nothing major, just a quick run to the grocery store. I was gone a little over 20 minutes.

When I got home, the oddball LGD - Shadow - was laying right in the way of me getting up to my parking spot. What's worse, he REFUSED to be moved. I honked - with little effect....

Ok the horn on the truck is dead. It only makes a pathetic little "squeak" sound that's barely audible. It shouldn't matter, though, I figured - he's a DOG, he can hear it.

Apparently not.

The mutt just lay there, so I swerved around in hopes of missing him, and went on up the hill.

Things were normal until, about 30 minutes later when I looked out the window, and saw this:

Dead Dog

Hit me with the Nitro - I'm having a heart attack!

Stupid dog! I done told him to move.

Then, I decided to zoom in - and noticed how the tire tracks go UNDER the fur ball, not over the ribcage:

Upon Further Review

Every day this nut snoozes in the SNOW, instead of inside the barn. We've seen him out there, laying in a drift when it's 10° out. As long as the wind isn't blowing, he's out there. He enjoys winter WAY too much. One of these days he's gonna give me the "Big One" that Fred Sanford fretted about.

Unless I get to him first....

Since we have the LGD puppies, we need to get them used to the goats and cows that they will grow up to guard. The cow part is easy - they're already in with them. Today, I added a couple goats.

Neither of which, were pleased with their new living arrangements.

I decided that Sally was the best candidate for the job, since she likes to "play" with the gate. This would be one easy way of getting her away from her "toy". Since her best buddy is Annie - it wasn't hard to decide on who would accompany Sally in the pup pen.

It was only a few short minutes before they both were BEGGING to be let out. They promised PROFUSELY that they'd be good for the next 20 years, if I'd only get them away from those "things".

I Think I hear Something

I hate to see a grown goat cry - but WAAAAAA!

There is a job to do and, by golly, I put my hove down and they were gonna DO IT! No amount of crying was going to dissuade me from their mission.

***NOTE*** Crying goats can be LOUD. Sometimes you have to go in the house, put on your headphones and turn the music up in order to get away from it....

The crying finally stopped after about an hour, but rose rather quickly again when I had to go back outside to check on things.

When the pups heard me, they came bounding out of their room...


...and began to investigate their new friends...


...neither of which were interested in meeting THEM. I got plenty of "greetings", though. If looks could kill:

We HATE You....

I got the old "I HATE You" look from Annie. I also have a photo of what Sally did, but I can't show it - it's that bad.

Suffice it to say - even though goats only have two fingers, I got the message...

We'll see how the night went when I go out tomorrow morning. I expect all to be well.

Once the goats figure out how comfy warm the little fur balls are, they'll cozy right up to them.

I just hope I don't find them laying in the driveway, curled up to a goof ball dog.


  1. This post about gave me a heart attack until you said the track went "under" the dog! Whew! Scary stuff to be reading this early in the morning!

  2. Yeah, me too! Doesn't he LOOK the part, though?

  3. Looks like he is laying out there with a smile on his face.

  4. That's hilarious! All of it...every little bit. And I needed it.


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