Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It FINALLY Got The Best Of Her...

When we first got goats a few years back, it was two bred nanny goats, who ended up having twins each - a boy and a girl apiece.

Both moms are long gone, as well as the two boys, but we kept the two little girls. One of them - Romper - is the first goat ever to be born on this farm. She is mischievous, ornery, cantankerous, conniving, aggravating,...........

You get the picture....

Anyway, Romper is the oldest of our "first goats" here on the farm. We have a couple older, but none have been HERE longer. She has been spoiled from the beginning - although, I take NO responsibility in that matter - it just HAPPENED.

She can be helpful at times, too. She's REAL good at pointing out where the fences need to be taller.

Then there is "Apple Season". Long ago, I made the mistake of tossing windfall apples from the tree in our front yard, over the fence to the goats. It got to the point where they would see me walking toward the tree, and they would all line up on their side of the fence to await the daily apple toss.

I'd hear about it, too, if I was a little late.

If there were no windfalls, or I wasn't hurrying enough, Romper would take it upon herself to hop the fence, and pick them from the lower branches. She is REAL adept at picking the best ones, too.

One of her many other "quirks" is standing in the barn and beating her head against the wall, gate, another goat, the dog, or even ME. Not HARD, just a slow, steady, constant, Bump, bump, bump.

I've heard her banging her head against the gate for over an hour. I first thought it was because there was another goat on the other side, but soon found her doing it when she was alone.

Sort of a "Why? Why? WHY did I DO THAT?", head banging.

Well, I'm here so say, that all that head banging has finally taken it's toll. Poor Romper....time to call the "Goat Psychologist", she's gone over the edge.

I found her yesterday, beating her head against the wall in the barn, so I finally asked her WHY she continually does that.

Her reply?


Whaaa? Whalll? Wash a whalll? Heee, heee, hee...."

Cheap thrills for a goat.


  1. Looks kinda like she just fell off a barstool to me....what's she been drinkin'?
    Marianne (mtnmama)

  2. I wouldn't put it past them to be brewing something behind my back.....


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