Thursday, February 11, 2010

Newest E-Book

I had been wanting one of these for several years, and FINALLY decided that it was PAST time to go ahead and build one.

Since I feed small square bales to my goats and cows - and I have a bad back, hips and knees - even smaller bales can be a problem to move. I had resorted to breaking them apart and carrying half at a time, which was messy and meant more steps doing my chores.

Last fall, right as I was starting to feed hay, I decided that enough was enough, and put this "Bale Buggy" together.

Bale Buggy

I used some salvaged materials I had on hand and a few items I bought. There is a little bit of welding, but not a whole lot.

I have to say, this is the handiest thing I have around here, and wish I'd made it YEARS ago - it has turned into a real "back saver"!

Click HERE to order a guidebook to build your own.

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