Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Good Massage

While this happened almost a week ago, it's still a timely matter. I don't know for sure, but it has probably occurred more since we captured it on film.

My wife's dad, has a "smorgasbord" of critters on his place - and most of them get along pretty good with one another. There are a few "scrapes", but that is to be expected when you have so many different individuals living in the same area.

Two of these individuals are the major "players" in this episode. Number one: John the Donkey, and number two: Kid

Cute Kid

They've known each other for only a short time - Kid is only a few months old. We're not sure how they became friends, but Kid's toes probably had something to do with it.

There we were, Deb and I, her parents, brother, and niece, all standing there watching the animals react to Daisy (our new Jersey cow) being introduced for a quick, overnight visit, when it happened.

Unfortunately - NO ONE had a camera!

We all scrambled in different directions to grab one, but it was over in a flash before anyone could get anything on "film".

Being the ever the optimistic lot, we stood at the ready in case it happened again...

We stood at the ready.....

We stood a little longer...

You know...."A watched goat never boils" - as long as it KNOWS it's being watched. All you have to do is ignore it awhile, and it can't help itself.

It returns to the scene of the crime.

All at once, we got what we were waiting for.

John, the Donkey, crept closer, baiting the Kid:

Donkey Whisperer

After a few whispers into John's ear, the kid made his move:

Jumping on board

One quick hop, and John got what he wanted - a nice back massage.

Funny Kid

Free Massage

Even one of the Shetland Sheep couldn't believe her eyes.

Jealousy runs rampant in sheep....

It was too bad that John wanted to take the show on the road. The Kid wasn't too sure if he wanted to be paraded around the barnyard, so decided that John had had enough of a back rub and bailed off.

Not a rider

Evidently, the Kid is no cowboy.

Either that, or didn't want to get caught practicing chiropractic medicine without a license....



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