Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A couple years ago, I had a cousin give me two small chest freezers. I planned on using them in my barn to store dog, cat, and goat food so "inquiring minds" couldn't get at it.

Let me tell you, they work WONDERFUL for it, I get nice clean, DRY, feed, and bugs and mice can't get into it to snack.

Things were going along nicely. The two freezers sit facing each other, and held a good amount of food for the critters.

Then -- we got a couple of calves, then a cow in milk, and more fowl, and yet ANOTHER cow. The two small freezers just wouldn't do very much longer. I had more feed then places to safely store it away from mice and bugs.

I needed another freezer.

We have been checking around, asking everyone we knew, and even resorted to leaving a request at several local "appliance" guys, in hopes that a good "dead" freezer would come up. I had decided that I wanted an upright this time, instead of a chest. It would only be holding one kind of feed (for the cows), so it didn't matter how it was stacked.

It seemed like forever, but I was actively looking for only 2-3 months. Winter is a hard time find certain things.

This morning, I actually spotted THREE such freezers! My pickup was already mostly full with wire, posts and a couple of other things, so I had to come home, empty things out, and head back out again, to choose which one I would take home.

Unfortunately, my first choice - and also the biggest - had a door that was terribly sprung, so it had to stay. My next choice was the one I took - a Gibson 20 cubic foot model. I found help to load it up and headed home to clean it up, take the shelves out, and set it up in the barn.


It's just an old freezer that's been around the block a time or two - scratched, dented, and beyond it's cooling youth. Fortunately, it's "death" gave it new life.
The inside is almost a perfect fit for the bags.

Holding The Bag(s)

I'm glad I didn't need to resort to the third choice - it was GREEN...

All this sure beats trying to build something. I had lots of materials around, but the thing that appealed most to me about the freezer, is the nice seal around the door.

It was either that, or build something and lock a cat inside for insurance.....

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