Monday, October 25, 2010

Dead Cat Walking..........

Have I ever mentioned that cats are evil creatures, bent on world domination? They've done some nasty, vile stuff before, but THIS takes the cake:

Evil Cat Walkabout

If you look close, you will see some "spots" on the surface of my nice, freshly painted, 1937 Farmall F-20 Bell Housing. These spots look suspiciously like CAT PRINTS.

I have a John Deere fan loose in the barn!

(Ok, maybe a CAT fan....)

Whoever it was, I better not find out - I'll spray paint THEM red! Maybe I'll just shave an IH logo on their back (maybe both....). I know one thing - they sure are lucky they waited until the paint was dry. I can wipe these paw prints off, if it had been wet, they'd been IN the paint, instead of ON it.

It would have made finding the culprit easier, though, I could have looked for red feet....

As it is now, I might have to call in the cops to take "finger" prints, and track the perp down. Only thing is - jail is too good for THIS criminal. Another bad thing is, these little varmints are good at acting innocent. Not FIVE minutes after I find the crime, every one of the little *#@^+* so-and-so's is lined up by the cow, expecting fresh milk!

Not one SHRED of remorse in the lot!

Well, I can tell you this - NONE of them got milk on THIS particular morning......

....and it's gonna be a LONG while before I forget enough to give them any.

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  1. No red paint on the hair of someone's paws to give them away I take it. My barn cats weren't in trouble last week but our indoor-outdoor cat put prints on my freshly varnished livingroom floor last week so don't feel alone in your upset attitude.


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