Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Guess I SHOULD Be Used To It....

My whole LIFE has been like this.....

First, being the youngest of 5 kids, there was always someone trying to tell me what to do (I was in my 40's before they got the message and quit trying). Then came school, and all them teachers trying to learn me stuff - and grading me on the results. Do this, do that, do it right or we'll keep you around another year so we can do it some more...Not to mention the football, basketball and other coaches telling me what to do.

Then came the US Marine Corps. It was nice when I reached the point where I was the one telling other people what to do, instead of the other way around. It didn't matter though, there was always somebody higher up the food chain that you.

There have been others through out my life who have wrassled with me over what to do and where to go - various jobs, a few customers, relatives, and even a couple friends.

Last night, however, was the last straw....

There we were, sitting in the living room, watching a DVD on the telly. I was minding my own business, paying attention to the good guy cop solving the murder-mystery, when I was pounced on by a little Red Rocket Missile Mutt.

Little Miss Stubborn

She jumped up my chest, stuck her nose right on the tip of mine, and DEMANDED attention.

I, of course, gave her some attention, which added to her playful mood. My lovely wife recognised the situation, and hit the pause button so I wouldn't miss any critical parts. After a short, 3-4 minute, "play time", my attacker settled down on my chest to just look at me with her ears up.

Then, something out the window caught her eye, so she began to stare out at the blackness of night. It must have been interesting, because she was adamant about staring it down, whatever it was, like a bear.

Thinking that I'd get her out of her stare down with (possibly) her own reflection, I began to make odd-ball noises and started making kissing sounds to her.

That's when she did it - she told me to shut up.

There I was, giving her attention, and she treats me like that.

Right in the middle of the kissing sounds, she breaks away from her engrossing whatever-it-was, gives me a DIRTY look, lifts her hand, puts it on my lips - then goes back to staring out the window.

We couldn't believe what we had just seen. It was one of those "wish I had a video camera" moments. The little mutt. She's getting too big for her britches, for sure.

First goats, cows, and cats, telling me what to do, now the DOG gets in on the act.

I guess I found out I'm lower on the food chain then I thought...

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