Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wat's Wrong With This Picture?

Ok, THESE pictures...

Lets see if you can guess. Here's the first one:

Mr Confused

I know, most of you are gonna say the "odd man" out is the thing. While that IS odd, and Stew DOES think he's a goat, that's not what I'm looking for. Stew spent the last couple of days hanging out with the rest of the bovine, but decided that he liked it in with his goat buddies better. Maybe it's easier to get more food, I dunno.

It could be he's the "big" guy on the block in the goat pen, but gets shoved around by the three momma cows when he's in with them.

Stew has an ego....who woulda thunk.

Look closer - see that?

There are at least TWO goats without food in their mouths! THAT almost NEVER happens in front of a fresh bale. It must be the cold weather. With wind chills below zero, I decided to feed them inside the barn (another oddity, BTW...). This just proves that, not matter WHAT you set out for the goats to eat, somebody is always on the lookout for bigger and BETTER things.

I do think Stew is resigned to being a goat. Two days ago, after FINALLY, finding the gate - that has been open for the past two weeks - between the goats and the cows, he showed up in with his mom, Mabel, and Honey. He had been watching the goats go through every day, and Clover would come harass him, but he was too STEW-pid to go through. After two days of "bovine living" he decided that it was better on the "dark side", and was waiting at the gate in the barn last night. When I opened it, he calmly walked through, and up to the other gate that would lead him back to his goat quarters.

Let's try another photo:

I Need More Stuff...

This is Peaches. I busted her on my desk this morning. Evidently, she hopped into my chair, then up to the desk top, and started her "snoop patrol". Hard telling what mischief she might have caused, had I not caught her.

Now that she's figured out she CAN get there, it might be rough keeping her off.

Have you figured out what is wrong with it yet?

Ok, I'll guess I'll have to tell you.

The strange thing about this whole photo is that there is enough ROOM ON MY DESK for her to jump up there! It's a good thing I cleaned it yesterday, or she wouldn't have had a place to go.

I guess I need more stuff.....

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