Friday, April 29, 2011

Those *#@!* KIDS!

It's funny how, when someone from a "younger generation" comes across an item the "old fogies" consider common, how they react. I remember one time, my - then 12 or 13 year old - nephew borrowed one of my vinyl records.

You remember RECORDS, right.....?

Well, APPARENTLY he didn't. He brought it back a couple weeks later and told me that half the songs from the album were "missing". I had NO idea what he was talking about until I realized he didn't know to flip the record over. He thought it was like a big, black, CD, and all the songs were on one side.


Of course, this is the same nephew who didn't know what a "yard stick" was....

"You mean a Meter Stick?", he asked.

"No - a YARD stick!", I replied.

From that point, I had to SHOW him a yard stick and EXPLAIN it to him before he caught on. I think the Public School System needs revamped.....When kids don't know what a yard stick is, something is amiss.

Well, yesterday, God blessed us with the opportunity to get completely out of debt, so we hopped in the car, and drove to the Big City to take care of business. While there, we ran into another youngster - a cashier at a hardware store.

Earlier in the week, we visited the local VA Hospital for a checkup. While there I got a $2 dollar bill (it seems the only place to get such currency IS the VA). Since the total at the store was small, I decided to use that legal tender $2 bill. Digging it out of my wallet, and handing it to the young woman checker, I commented that, "The last checker I gave a $2 dollar bill to, thought it was fake...."

I guess this got a "rise" out of her, because she piped up and stated "It MUST have been some young KID, RIGHT?"

"Well, yes, as a matter of fact, it's happened more than once, and each time it was a teenager who wasn't aware the US even MADE $2 bills...."

To which she replied (in her best disgusted voice): "Those stinkin' KIDS!"

At this point, my lovely wife and I shot a glance at each other (because we were both thinking the same thing)....

THIS girl WAS a teenager!

"How old are YOU?", I asked.

"", she trailed off.

Yup. Those stinkin' KIDS.......At least she knew about US currency. It was a good chuckle for us, at any rate.

After that, we headed home uneventfully. Later in the afternoon, we walked to the top of our hill with the dogs, and offered up a prayer of thanks to God for allowing us to fully pay things off and for continued guidance to be Shepherds of HIS land. HE came up with a way for us to be able to get it done, and we will be eternally grateful to HIM for it.

Remember HIM in all things....


  1. WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO, So glad you got the homestead paid off, Christmas is going to be a dandy.
    Crane Man

  2. My husband's dad likes to give $2 dollar bills as gifts but you never receive one at the check out counter with your change. I wonder how many are in circulation? And yes, it does not surprise me that a teenager thinks they are fake. They can't count change back either.


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