Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tonight's Undercard....

It's the old "David and Goliath" thing - you know the little scrawny guy versus the hulking giant. Most of the time, the giant kicks serious behind, but there are times when the little runt wins - even if it was by a lucky punch.

Peaches is a spoiled little hound. Somehow, she ended up being spoiled into having to spend a few minutes (ok, 45 or so....) each night before bedtime, on top of our bed, playing with "mom".

Neither my wife nor I can remember how this trend started, but - I'm here to say - IT WASN'T ME WHO DID IT. SOMEBODY else did the spoiling on this one. All I know is, Peaches can go from a dead sleep to full tilt in about 1.47299506 seconds, when she sees one of us head for the bedroom at night. She also knows that she has to select and bring a toy (fuzzy squeak toy, rope, or ball...), or do without one.

We always instill in our "children" a sense of responsibility....

Anyhoo - tonight was no different. I hear the two of them head for the bedroom and playtime. I can hear the goings on from the other end of the house - laughter, barks, growls, yelling, and other assorted noises - and that's just my wife - the dog has fun, too.

Every night, my lovely wife will braid her long blonde hair, into a pony tail, and hold it together at the end with one of those "scrunchy", elastic, cloth, thingy, doodads. This "braid holder" has become one of Peaches' favorite toys. She will jump, attack, sneak and pounce in all kinds of crazy ways in order to snag it and pull it from the braided hair.

Tonight was no different, the hair was braided, the dog plotted to steal the scrunchy.

All was going along fine and dandy, until our sweet little Dachshund turned into an evil Boxer....

There we were, winding down from playtime, getting ready for the child to get into her bed, instead of ours. All was well, until Peaches looked past my ear, and saw that tempting braid dangling within easy reach of a quick dart.

In a split second, she went from being curled up and relaxed, to a little red rocket, aimed right at that scrunchy. I guess my head was a little too close, because the next thing I knew, I felt a "fist" hit me square in the eyeball, and stars were floating very close overhead....

The last sight I saw before I blacked out, was Peaches dangling from Deb's locks, happily trying to strip her prize from it's moorings.

The worst part is - I didn't even see it coming - the little runt sucker punched me in the eye to get me outta the way! At any rate, it wasn't much of a fight - one of those "two hit" fights - her hitting me, then me hitting the floor (or bed in this case...). After my head cleared, it was made ABUNDANTLY clear to Peaches that, if I should wake up with a black eye in the morning, she would PAY (maybe we should trim some toenails.....Hmmmmmmm....).

I can almost hear the ring announcer now -

"In THIS corner, weighing in at 241 pounds, 6'7", "Scroungeman", Old Guy, with a bad back. Undisputed Heavyweight...."

"His opponent, in the other corner, weighing in at a meager 9 pounds, at 1'1", Flyweight, all paws, and all claws - Peaches - the "Red Rocket"...."


Now, we just need to design a pair of those nifty little shorts for her....

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  1. *giggle* Yep, she is a spoiled little thing, but a real sweetheart...till she sees that braid! LOL


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