Saturday, April 9, 2011

Averting A "Shutdown"....

Everywhere I look outside, the "economy" is falling apart. We have some who are given a "bale out":


Others, who are forced to just stand idly by and watch - wishing they, too could enjoy the perks:

Hey! What About US?

I don't know for sure, but I just might have to shut down the local farm "government". Of course, we'll make sure a skeleton crew is kept around to keep things going during any shutdown, but they won't have much to work with. Milking is about it - we gotta make sure to collect what the serfs owe in "taxes", but won't be able to process any "refunds", should that be necessary.

During all this, I keep hearing from the Turkeys on the left (of the barn). They figure that they should have things their way, even though they aren't in charge.

Stutting his stuff

One thing is for certain - something better happen QUICK, I'm getting REAL close to operating from a "deficit":

Getting Low

Oh well, things are gonna turn around sooner or later - the grass is greening up and pretty soon the "masses" can fend for themselves out in greener pastures.

I just hope the cats don't get involved, if that happens, we're doomed.....


  1. I gotta know... what are the tire cut out pieces (I know they're from the tires when you turn them into hay feeders because I've done a couple myself now) and sticks pounded in the ground in the background of the turkey for???? Seems very strange to me....


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