Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hairy Houdini....

....and his latest trick.

You MIGHT recall some of his earlier exploits around the barn:

Stupid Fish

And even this one from my wife's blog:

Sure-footed Tom

Well... I ought to take his "show" on the road. Today, he outdid even HIMSELF.

Beside one of the food storage freezers I have in the barn, is a small "table" I use (when it's not infested with cat fur bodies....) to hold the bucket while I get feed out. It also is a good spot to store my gloves and other things, while I dig for food.

This morning, it was a right handy place to toss a towel down to await being used later on.

The "Terrible Towel"

Who knew that this simple act would cause such an uproar of laughter from me, and "Do'h, He's at it AGAIN", looks from the cows and his feline gene pool - although - they don't claim him.

There I was, going about the morning barn stuff, when Mr Hairy decided to debut his latest crowd pleaser. It happened in slow motion at first - our little "magician" stood on the floor, eyed the table and the towel for a few seconds, then leaped to the top.

Just like the Coyote in those old cartoons, time stood still for 3-4 seconds while he contemplated his next move. Then, slowly, the towel began to slide toward the floor - Magic Man firmly attached to it's fabric. The next thing our hero knew, he was flat on his back on the floor - under the towel, trying to escape it's grasp so he could make a hasty exit from the stage.

After several minutes of applause, laughter and "cat calls", the Mastermind came back into the room and promptly gave an encore performance...

...of the SAME trick....

Now, I don't know for sure - I haven't seen him since - but he's probably off somewhere thinking up something new to wow and amaze his "fans".

At this point, I'd hate to see what he would do with a "Lovely Assistant"

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