Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Somebody PEA'D In My Oatmeal....

Well - today was the day - we picked the first fresh peas from our garden. There weren't very many, but there was enough for supper. After picking them, I spent a while popping them from their snug little pods.

Afterward, I decided to give the pods to the cows for supper.

Normally, Daisy is the first one in, and the first to feed her face at the stanchion. Tonight was no different, she zoomed right past me, practically JUMPED onto the stand and stuck her head through the headstall....

That's where the similarity ended and the nightmare began.

Normally, I have a mixture of oats, barley, molasses, kelp, Apple Cider Vinegar, and some minerals waiting to be devoured by the bovine. It seems that the tongue is working before the nose gets through the stanchion. For this supper, I added the pods.

Tonight, Daisy reminded me of my sister - the hater of peas. Just like sis, her taste buds came into contact with the offending green plant matter, and she made every fowl face known to cow.

Stamping, snorting, dirty looks and then the toddler attitude -

"I'm NOT eating THAT!", she made clear to me.

"Fine", I told her, "that's all you're gonna get".

"Well, I'm just not hungry, then", she said with a snort, after which she stuck her nose in the air and refused to even LOOK at her food. It was just like watching a two-year old being forced to eat liver. She was adamant about refusing, and I was just as adamant about standing my ground.

I finished milking her - all the while listening to her sighs if impatience, and dodging her snapping tail (she has REALLY good aim with that thing...). As soon as I opened the head stall, she huffed, turned around and headed out the door as fast as she could - obviously disgusted with the whole affair.

Oh well, they would be in there for the next cow - which turned out to be Honey.

Now, Honey usually eats just about everything - and anything - we set before her lips. We have to scrape down the dish because she's not good at cleaning the corners, but she eats pretty good. Tonight, she licked all those pods clean, and spit them back out. Every grain was slicked out of the pan, but a pile of pea-pods remained when she was done. I even watched her pick several up, chomp them, then spit them back out after cleaning off any grain that was stuck on them.


See if I try to give you something special - EVER AGAIN!

For the record, Mabel was the good cow, she didn't eat ALL of them, but she devoured about 2/3 of the pile.

I figure they are just like any child....

What they didn't finish for supper, they can have cold for breakfast...

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  1. Dairymaid (from KFC)July 11, 2011 at 8:15 PM

    I know that look AND the disgusted snort all too well...They are SOOO funny!!


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