Sunday, July 31, 2011

"There's A Little Black Spot On My Screen, Today...."

(With apologies to Sting and the Police.....)

This falls (once again) under the heading of:
"Just when you THINK you've seen everything...."

Granted, it WAS early morning, and we hadn't slept very well the night before because we were at Deb's parent's house for a niece's graduation from Nursing School (she's now a new LPN), but that's not a very good excuse. If I had done it, my lovely wife would STILL be laughing.

Lucky for me, I rarely do things like this....

There we were, sitting in her parents "Mission Control" (where all the computers, printers, and other stuff are - including her mom's sewing stuff), when I noticed Deb "fidgeting" at her laptop computer.

I didn't realize it until a few minutes later - when SHE realized what she was doing - but here's what transpired:

Deb's fingers worked back and forth swiftly going from key to key. The bad thing was, she was working the "backspace" and "delete" keys the most. We could hear the disgust in her voice when she said:

"WHY can't I get rid of this stupid period on my screen???"

Then a long pause while her fingers kept at it. All of a sudden, it dawned on her what was going on -

"OOOHHH - there's a spot ON my screen.....!", she half exclaimed, half laughed to the rest of us.

She had spent the last few minutes trying to "delete" dirt from her screen. Evidently, the tiny spot was positioned exactly where a period would be on her address bar - perfectly placed so that the delete key wouldn't work, and the backspace key would hop right over it.

She tried to use the excuse that it was early in the morning, she was tired, she still had her old glasses on, etc, etc, yada, yada, yada....

Everyone else was pretty much sure it had something to do with hair color....

I can't take her NOWHERE - not even her parent's house....

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