Tuesday, August 23, 2011

F-20 Parts...

Well, since I ain't allowed to do too awful much, I still have a FEW (REALLY few...) parts I can work on for the old tractors. I am almost out of stuff to work on until I can get some more ready, but at least I will be that much closer to getting the F-20 running - and have less to work on when I DO get back to being able to work on stuff.

Today, I decided that it was time to get to work on this part - it's part of the "speed" control of the tractor. It adjusts the governor response - and thereby - the "throttle" of the engine. The old one was in pretty bad shape, and had been welded a couple of times before I got it. It has since become cracked again, so I decided to just make a new one. It won't be QUITE original, but only the Originality Police will notice.

Here is what the end of the old one looks like:

Repair Patch

The "extra" piece welded to the side isn't supposed to be there! As you can see, the hole was getting pretty close to the edge of the metal in that area, too.

I've actually had the metal for this around for a couple months, but just didn't get time to work on it. I measured and bent most of it in my vise, but then took it to a neighbor's anvil to finish the job. It's not PERFECT - but it will do nicely for what it is used for. I have a little more grinding to do, then prime and paint, then I get to take a few parts loose in order to get it installed!

Here is a photo showing the old and the new:

New Bracket

I'll still hang on to the old one, just in case I ever want to "build it up and grind it down", but for now, it will go into the "dead pile".

I'm just glad the "old timers" found the need to do things simple so the average guy in the field could do things to fix it.

I've got a few other "home-made" parts on the old girl, but I ain't saying WHERE...

And nobody - not even the "Originality Police" will be able to tell....

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