Thursday, August 25, 2011

See What I "C"....

Awhile back - 4-5 years, in fact - a friend told me about an old IH "Farmall" tractor that was sitting in a barn not far from my house. He told me he had been trying to talk the owner into selling it to him for about 10 years - until he finally gave up.

Well, I figured that, since he'd given up, I'd give it a try, so I asked the owner to think about selling it.

That was about 3 years ago....

He thought long and hard about it, and we finally got together on a price a couple of days ago. He needs it out of his barn, and I need it IN mine!

This particular tractor is a 1949 IH "C". It's been sitting for several years, but the motor is not stuck. It's one of those IH tractors from close by that I'm sure my Dad had is "finger prints" all over (Dad was Head Mechanic and Parts Man for the local IH dealer...). While Dad never OWNED the tractor, I know he ran it quite a few times.

Right now, she's covered in "Pigeon Poop", but I told the man I got it from that I'd give it a good home and make sure to get her running. The first thing that needs done is a BATH!

IH "C"

"New" Tractor

I know, my lovely wife HAS to be wondering what in the WORLD do I need another tractor for....especially one that has been "repainted" by the birds. Well - even though the first tractor I drove on my own was a Ford, my first love has always been Farmalls.

NOTHING beats a RED tractor! Even if it only USED to be Red!

Besides, I have to keep up with her brother - he has 5 tractors, so I figure I have to keep - at least - tied with him.

1949 "Pigeon Poop" Special

Hopefully, I can at least get this one running without too much difficulty. Then, I can start looking for the NEXT one I want...

I think I need a bigger barn....


  1. I think you can STOP looking for more tractors, least till you get ALL of what we have running good and repainted! That is of course, unless you find a free "cute" one! :-))

  2. Too late....already got my eye on one, maybe two, or even three....

  3. Heck, 5 tractors is nothing! I have sold 5 and I still, oh, unlucky number, I had better get more!

    What ya have to do is buy when they are available and then work on them later :-) There are still plenty of old iron sitting out in the trees and weeds. Here are just the IH ones that I know about :-)
    1- McCormick Deering 10-20
    1-McCormick Deering W30
    1-McCormick Deering 22-36
    2-McCormick Deering 15-30
    3-Farmall F30
    4-Farmall F20
    7-Farmall H
    2-Farmall 350D
    1-Farmall 400D

    Not to mention a few Allis Chalmers, Case and even a Deere or two...

  4. SEE? I GOTTA at least TRY to keep up with Kirk!
    Lessee - that W30, 10-20, an H, and maybe one of those 350's or the 400....Hmmmmmmm.....

  5. LOL yeah, nice try, no keeping up with the Jones...ummm I mean Kirks here!! LOL Can't afford to fix up what you have right now, let along buy free ones only, till you get some of these going!! That should slow you down a bit finding them...cause not to many would be free. :-))

    Least I wouldn't think to many would be. LOL


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