Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some Women Just Don't Understand....

Well - since having surgery on my back two weeks ago, things are coming along nicely. The only thing I have to watch out for is Deb's club when I try to do something I'm not supposed to be doing. So far, I'm on a TEN pound weight limit, so I can't even pick up the dog (one is about 16 pounds, and the other about 11). The little one will jump up into my lap and then onto the bed, so she gets special privileges, though.

Deb's dad has been here since a couple days before I went into the hospital, and just left this noon. He really helped out a LOT around here, and got Deb confident enough to milk the cows and do other things while I can't.

So, while the lovely wife is out at "Oh Dark 30", I'll be still snoozing in bed....


I'll be the one going out to corral the wayward Bovine while she gets their breakfast ready.

Anyhoo, her dad did a lot of things around here while he was at it - some fence, gates, doors, mowing, and others stuff. He came from 220 miles away without us asking. There are other relation that wouldn't drive a 1/2 mile to help out. What he did was appreciated greatly.

On a "break" last Sunday, we all went to a tractor show some 10-12 miles from here. It was AMAZING, I figured I'd be the last one who wanted to leave, but NOOOOO, we had to drag her DAD away - kicking and screaming...

Ok, he went peacefully, but COULD have stayed longer. He took lots of photos of different machines working, and the grand "Parade of Power" in the afternoon.

One of the things that he wanted to see (me, too) was the plowing demonstrations. There must have been a dozen (or more) tractors out plowing in a 40 acre field! It didn't take long for all their fun to be done with, but it was good to see them work.

There were a few women in the crowd, NONE of which was paying any particular attention to the proceedings, except to wave when their husband came back to their side of the field. As soon as he turned around, the wives returned to milling around, wishing they were somewhere else.

One of the things we noticed all the men standing around, just watching - was a man on a Cat dozer, digging a hole in the plowed ground, then proceed to fill it back up.

The women were mostly absent from this event. OOH's and AHH's came up from the crowd of men, but the women just rolled their eyes. Just about every guy there wanted a Cat of his own so he, too, could play in the dirt.

Most women just do not understand this concept. WHY in the world would you WANT to go tear up dirt, and shove it around? All that exhaust smoke in your face - who would want to put up with THAT all day? And those DIESEL fumes! YUCK! Dirty, sweaty, hot, and tiring work...

In all honesty - I have NO IDEA - I just know it's FUN.


  1. Yep, I admit, I'm one of THOSE women who just has to roll my eyes at what can hold some men’s fascination...really...plowing? WHAT is so special and interesting about that? Or digging a hole you have to turn around and fill? Get real, THATS not at ALL interesting! LOL

    Just another difference between Men & Women....Love ya hunny, even if you are strange at times. :-))

    Oh and I'm really glad you are feeling better, so I HAVE to keep my club handy. ;)

  2. I guess I'm an oddball. When DH is out on the Cat I LOVE watching him work it. Shoving over trees, pushing boulders, mounding dirt, pile this over there, pile that over here.....

  3. I must be broken.. I love to play in the dirt too....

  4. They wouldn't be rolling their eyes if a shovel was their only option. Oh how we dream of owning a tractor and resting the shovels against the shed while we sit put putting along cleaning pens. No, I'm not one of those women rolling her eyes.


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