Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grandpa And The "Cookie Monster".....

This whole thing started 2-3 months ago, when we received 6 CARTONS of "Small Dog Milk Bones" from a friend. We gave 4 of them to Deb's dad, since we knew he bought them for his dogs. Our mutts - on the other hand - would sometimes eat them, sometimes not - it depended on their mood, I guess.

The LGD - Yani - would eat them, but usually only if they were in her food. So, needless to say, they weren't being used up very fast....

Until "Grandpa" (Deb's dad, Robin) came over to help out while I am recovering from surgery. Ever since he got here, he's been carrying some of those "cookies" in his pocket so Yani could get one ever-so-often.

Last night, Peaches, decided she wanted to be a "Cookie Monster" while she sat next to Robin, on the couch. We found out that she's pretty good at it, too.

Peaches sat there, getting attention, and having fun, when a whiff of "cookie" hit her. Like Toucan Sam, she followed her nose - right up to Robin's T-shirt pocket. She dug, clawed and scratched, then dove her face right inside to grab her prize. Then, she hopped off his lap, and sat down to chow down on her goodie.

As soon as she finished, she got up to get another one. She dug, and clawed, and came up with another treat. This time, however, she sat down beside Grandpa, and just played with the cookie for a bit. So, not wanting her to waste it - or bury it on the couch - Robin took it back.

This is where the "dog-vs-man" thing came into play.....

Dog wanted cookie, man wanted to play with dog's mind.

Well, Peaches tried to get that treat out of Robin's hand several times - she clawed at his fingers, whined, barked, and even gave a few sad looks with her "puppy dog eyes" - none of which seemed to work. Finally, right in the midst of clawing at his hand, Peaches lunged for his shirt pocket, dove in face first, and ceremoniously jumped away with another cookie.

I guess she got tired of playing - and Grandpa not giving in - and decided to take things into her own paws (or teeth, as it were...).

This one, though, she ate so Grandpa couldn't steal it back.

It's fun to see them think things out and invent ways to get what they want.

KIDS these days.....

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