Friday, October 28, 2011

Back From The Abyss....

A couple weeks ago, we took a weekend trip to Deb's parent's house in north central Missouri. We had all KINDS of fun - and even took in a "flea market" type event in Trenton, MO.

It was fun - as usual - to browse the different booths and hunt for deals - even though the Turkey legs were WAY over priced ($6 each), and WAY too small(I commented to the guy as to where he got the "Banty" Turkeys.....).

When we go on a trip like that, we end up taking a lot of stuff - the car is usually full. I keep telling Deb that if she packs very much more, she'll have to ride ON the trunk....

Of course, she has to have her camera equipment, too

She accidentally left her camera at home for one trip this year - one where her niece was graduating from nursing school. It was a HORRIBLE weekend - Deb was shaking from "CSS" (Camera Separation Syndrome).

Ever since then, we've made SURE her gear was in the car. Especially THIS trip. She had to take her niece's "Engagement Photos". It's pretty hard to do without a camera, so she was reminded by everyone to not forget her camera.

I always have my little "point and shoot" with me, so we DID get SOME photos of her graduation, but they just aren't the same as if Deb had taken them.

This last trip was no different - I had my camera there with me. I never used it the whole weekend, but it was THERE, anyway.

Well - we got done over there and headed home. A few days later, I got my camera out, took some photos, made a Youtube video, then noticed the battery was running down.So, I heads on into the house, grab the bag that I took with me to Missouri, and pulled out everything BUT the battery charger.

It was NOWHERE to be found.

We looked in the bedroom (even UNDER the bed in case the dog thought it was a chew toy), in the suitcase, my office, the car, the truck, the BARN, Deb's office, etc, etc. We even emailed her dad so they could look around their house in case we left it there.

Nope - it was GONZO...

So now I had a camera but no way to use it. Deb graciously said I could use her old one - which doesn't work all the time...I was beginning to think she hid the thing so she could get a new camera, and I'd inherit the one she has now. I foiled her evil plan, though - I looked online to see if a charger was even still available for the thing, and actually found one!

We were busy yesterday afternoon, so it didn't get ordered. This morning, Deb was in the process of buying one, when she checked the last place on planet Earth left that we didn't check....

Her purse.

She's been known to carry 40 pounds of brick, in there, along with car parts, white chocolate candy bars (that started out as "dark" chocolate...), the kitchen sink, and there is a rumor going around that she chased a family of 5 out of it over last Thanksgiving - among other things.

Usually, when stuff goes in there, it's never seen again, so I'm DARN lucky to see my charger again.

Oh well - at least I can use my camera again...


  1. *giggle* I do love having a BIG purse, just thankful I thought to look in it, before I actually ordered a new charger! Next time you tell me to put something in my purse, maybe you should REMEMBER you told me to...cause you KNOW I never remember things!! :-))

  2. That's right, make us waste our time looking for it when Deb is hideing it all along.



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