Tuesday, November 1, 2011



Grey Tiger-striped Male Cat. Approximately 9 months of age. Scared mindless. Last seen heading full speed across the courthouse lawn toward the local grocery store.
Wanted for assault with a sharp object, and willful destruction of clothing.
Considered armed and dangerous......

I had to go to town a couple of days ago, for an appointment. After chores, I got cleaned up, then headed out to the pickup to get things ready to head on in. It was kind of a cool morning, so I went into the barn and grabbed a jacket that I had in there from the day before.

Meanwhile - I had left the door open on the truck....

About half way to town, I heard an odd noise - sort of a soft moaning sound. I HEARD it, but didn't RECOGNISE it - I just figured it was something on the radio, or a normal "road" noise. It just went in one ear, and right on out the other - and didn't even rattle around as it passed through.

The first thing I had to do, was head up to the bank on the town square.

After stopping at the stop sign, I pulled up and parked next to three other vehicles. Not knowing what the next few, long, minutes would bring, I unsuspectingly opened my door..

That's when it all began - my unknown stowaway decided he had had enough "car ride" for one day, and proceeded to make his great escape. Trouble was - I was between him and the open road....

I'll never know if he MEANT to do it, but it seemed like he did a "Fred Flintstone" dance on my chest for about 20 minutes before he managed to get traction, then made a leap towards the windshield, scrambling his brains against the glass with a huge THUD.

After bouncing off the steering wheel, my chest, and the driver's side door, he finally found freedom, and hit the pavement. He stopped for just a second to collect his bearings, then ran straight toward the courthouse, and the grocery store beyond.

The last I saw of him, he was about 100 yards away, and still moving at full speed, with his tail pointing straight up in the air.

Oh well - I figure I just returned the favor.

Most times, it's those "city folks" who turn a cat loose in the country....

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