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Friday, November 4, 2011

Scaredy Cat....

On some of these "warmer" mornings, I've been - against my better judgement - heading out to the barn at an ungodly hour of 0500. At that hour - even the cows are too sleepy to eat breakfast.

Besides, feeding - or milking - cows, isn't the reason I've been going out there so early. Nope - not cows - just some "projects" and special tools to build for working on tractors and other things around the farm. Most times, I'll go to bed with a "problem", and DREAM about how to solve it.

I have to get outside and get it done before I wake up enough to forget how to do it....

Well, a few days ago, I remember getting up, going out to the barn and working. After a few minutes, I headed up to the wood shop to get a few things, then went back to the barn to sleepwalk through whatever it was I was working on.

The next day - I managed to keep myself in the house until morning had actually arrived. It wasn't until well afternoon when I made the trip up to my wood shop to glue a few pieces together on a cutting board I was building.

When I first opened the door, I heard something crash across the room. I didn't think too much about it - thinking it was just something falling due to the vibrations of me entering the room and shutting the door.

Until it happened again...

This time it was accompanied by a high pitched "yowl", and some hissing. Not being SURE what it was, I grabbed the nearest thing I could find to use as a weapon - a claw hammer - and moved closer to the action.

Being almost deaf in one ear, it sometimes is hard for me to narrow down where a sound is coming from, but this particular one was a bit easier because it had movement along with it - and that told me it was something underneath a kitchen cabinet in the corner.

Slowly, I got down on the floor - keeping careful watch for the monster under the cabinet, in case it came flying out at me. By now, I had figured it to be a cat, but had no clue as to WHICH cat. All of mine are "friendly" so I had pictured one of a couple strays we had seen around, had somehow managed to get in the shop and was hiding from me.

I edged closer and closer to the spot where the demon lay in wait, until I could catch a glimpse of the furry fiend...

It turned out to be "Tux" - our long-haired "kitten" born here last spring (ok - FULL GROWN kitten...). Once I recognised who it was, I started to call out to her (by NAME, as if THAT mattered...).

The recognition must have gone both ways - once Tux figured out who HER monster was, she decided it was safe to come out. This realization didn't stop her from yowling even more - and LOUDER - she turned it up a notch for my "benefit".

My lovely wife called me on my cell phone about this time, so I got up off the floor, and sat down in a chair. She heard the cat through the phone, and asked me "What is WRONG with that cat?"


She was just scared out of her mind.

We figured that Tux had followed me into the shop when I went up there the morning before - and got locked in when I left. She spent at least 32 hours....ALONE.

The first thing she did when she crawled out from under her "safe house", was to come running across the room, and jumping up onto my lap/chest. She was VERY glad to see me! I got the "full" tratment - face rubs, purring wildly, pawing, and even some of those "sandpaper" licks on the cheek. For the rest of the day - and most of the next - I had a constant companion when I was outside.

I guess it was her way of thanking me for saving her furry little life...

Either that, or she was "tasting" me for future reference....

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