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Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's Alive, It's ALIVE!

Yesterday, a friend wanted me to go along for a "tractor inspection". It WAS going to be a "tractor HAUL", but his brother ended up borrowing his trailer so that was the end of that....

It all worked out in the end, though, because the tractor we went to look at was a BIT over priced for it's condition.


The gentleman had several other tractors, but only a couple that would be worth "delving" into (unless you have LOTS of money....). He ended up making a deal on a pretty large Disc Plow, but that was about it. He'll just have to pick it up when he gets his trailer back....

Of course, on the way home we stopped to look at 3-4 other old tractors we spotted on the way up. It's probably a good thing we didn't have a trailer.

When we got home, there was about 2 hours to kill before supper, so Kirk ended up getting voluteered for a couple odd jobs around here - one was fixing the light in Deb's office - she was tired of trying to see in the dark. The other - and more important, I might add - was to finish installing the magneto on my 1937 F-20.

Since it was REAL close to seeing if it would start, we decided to go ahead and try. Of course, by "we", I mean "HE", because I can't even hardly turn the crank, let alone actually CRANK it. When my back gets back together, I'll be able to, though.

We scrounged up about a 1/2 gallon of gas, and dumped it in the tank. It promptly ran out the bottom where a small plug was. We tried several times to seal the thing, but nothing worked. We ended up scrounging some more for a piece of 3/8" gas hose to attach directly to the fuel line.

Now we needed a "funnel" that was small enough to go inside the hose. I THOUGHT about using one from the kitchen, but realized stating the tractor wasn't worth the pain I'd have when Deb found out about using her funnel..... We ended up using a small plastic cup that we could "squeeze" into something we could pour out of.

It was almost an afterthought to get the camera out (I was lucky to have it with me), so the video is kinda dark, but this is the first start of the F-20:

It sure is a FAR cry from last August (2010) whe I started with this, and a pile of parts:

1937 Farmall F-20


  1. Well I think my light was the most important...I'm so happy to have more than the little desk lamp for light now...means I could actually do something in the cupboards, and actually be able to SEE while I am, after dark. You have the Bestest friend!! :-))

  2. Got plum excited hearing it run for the first time, well done.

    Crane Man


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