Friday, March 23, 2012

I Was Trapped.....

Well - it's "Spring Cleaning" time, here on the Hillbilly Hill Farm! Over the course of the past couple of weeks, we've managed to take a few loads of scrap iron to the "scrap yard", burn a couple brush piles, shove up a few more trees, re-stack some tin, re-arrange in the barn, and get rid of a few old pallets.

I've also done a few other things around here (like clean up in my office - which needs done AGAIN...), and foresee mowing the lawn in the next few days.

Ah, yes - Spring time in Nebraska....

Today started out just like any other around here, except that I had a trailer load of scrap iron sitting in the driveway, waiting to head out. All I had to do was to chain it down, toss some aluminum in the truck, and head on down the highway.

Since I have been PATIENTLY waiting for rear end gear oil for my 1937 F-20 for about 6 months, my lovely wife told me that I could use the money I got from the metal (minus gas...) to FINALLY buy some!

I had scoped out the prices for MONTHS, and knew where the best deal was. Since I needed a 5 gallon bucket - plus 3 single gallons - my search lead me to one of the local farm stores (for the bucket), and then to Walmart for the one gallon jugs.

So, after unloading my metal, I head up the street to get the oil. My last stop was Wally-World.

Naturally - being the great husband I am - I called my wife to see if there were anything she needed - since I was going to be there anyway. The only thing she could think of was.....


I knew right off what she wanted - one of those big, 7 ounce bars from Pennsylvania...

Since I had the trailer, I parked well out in "Egypt", and trekked on into the store - I noticed that the parking lot was about half full, but the store seemed fairly empty. Hardly a soul was milling about. Even the checkout lines were small.

After grabbing a hand basket, I made my way to the automotive section (where all the best things are), and selected my oil. After that, I wandered over to the food section, and walked down the main aisle, reading the signs as I went - looking for the "candy" aisle.

Ah, yes - Aisle 11, was where I wanted to go, so I quickened my steps in order to get in, and get out. Unfortunately - my "plans" got changed...

When I reached Aisle 11, I turned the corner...

...and found 18-20 women in there, clucking, chattering, and chirping about "all that chocolate".

It was like walking "The Gauntlet" as I dodged shopping carts, purses, and baskets - all the while receiving stares and whispers that seemed to say "What's HE doing here? This is OUR aisle!" The chirping, chattering, and clucking died down to silence, as I made my way to the last two of those big Milk Chocolate bars, and grabbed them from the shelf.

I made a hasty exit as - judging by the audible *gasp* from the crowd - my life could have been in danger.

Even though I didn't look back, I could feel all those female eyes burning into my back as I trotted away.

I tell you this as a warning to all you men out there - if you find yourself in Walmart (or any other store that sells chocolate), and the place seems deserted....

Stay clear of the candy aisle - you might not be as lucky as I was....


  1. LOL Well...sometimes a woman just HAS to have her chocolate...all you would have had to say was you were getting it for your wife, and they wouldn't have ran you long as you didn't admit one of them was yours. LOL

    1. Oh yeah...and ya gotta have those big bars, they have thicker chocolate which makes them taste better....and they last longer too! LOL


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