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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BBQ Cow...

There I was, minding my own business, going about the day cleaning up around the place. I've been kinda lax (ok a LOT lax...) the past 2-3 years because of some medical issues, so now that I am starting to feel a little better, I want to get some things taken care of.

There are quite a few pieces of tin, chunks of metal, wire and other stuff that needs sorted out, and re-stacked. The goats and cows managed to scatter a few things around for me, too. Add to that, there are "massive quantities" of pallets, broken boards, ends pieces from poles and posts, and a bunch of other wooden items laying about.

Most of this stuff came in on the trailer, and was a WHOLE lot easier to UNLOAD then it is to pick up!

There is an old stock tank up the hill, too, It has MANY holes in it, and makes a nice burn pit for trash and other small burnable things....

....like cows.

Every time I am out doing ANYTHING where the cows can see me, they decide to come investigate. I think it is just to make sure I don't have anything edible in my pockets, and they want to see if they can get me to FIND something for them to eat.

At any rate, they can be pests, especially Clover. She's just a little over a year old, and thinks like a puppy. Where I go, she goes.

Well, I put a few things in that tank, then lit the fire. It was going along pretty good, when I saw Clover heading in that direction. She had that determined, "on a mission" look about her as she confidently strode over to the flames. She stopped a couple feet from them for a few seconds, then actually walked right up to within 6" of the fire! She stretched her neck out and worked her nostrils overtime to take in all the scents.

Clover BBQ

The other cows got within about 10' of the thing before they decided that enough was enough, and headed off in a different direction.

Not Clover.


She stood right there - within about 3 feet of the flames, working on her tan. It was an overcast, raining day, but the temps were still in the 60's, so she couldn't have been cold.

She was probably thinking "Where were you in December?"

I walked over to her, scratched her neck and told her:

"Ya know, a BBQ pit NEVER turns out good - for the cow..."

She just shook her head, and huffed.

A half hour later, she was still standing there....

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