Monday, March 5, 2012

Windy Days....

It seems that the old wind never stops blowing around here this time of year. We've had high temps in the 40's and 50's (mainly), but the wind blowing at 25-30 mph, puts a little bit of a cool "tinge" to the air.

The other day, I watched the wind blow a heavy gate we have open. This gate is mostly air - it's chain link - but it's over 20 feet long, has a pipe frame, and is pretty doggone heavy. It also sits sideways across a hill, and can be a bear to open - especially when going UP hill.....

Which is what the wind did.

I was in the truck, backing out, when I looked over, saw the wind move the gate, and the cow come waltzing through. I got out, called my lovely wife to help me, and then bribed the cow back inside with some alfalfa. Afterwards, I wired the gate shut until I can figure out a better latch. It's set so it latches against a post going DOWN hill, but there is nothing to keep it from going UP the hill. Never figured I need to latch it that direction.

On Saturday, I went to a large auction at a nearby church. You could tell it is a bad time for the economy - most prices were WAY down. Even Hedge Posts were about half of what they were last year. Several large round balers - in great condition - went in the $700 - $800 range. These were GOOD balers, not worn out ones.

I bought an original Ford bumper for my 8N. It needs a little work, but I paid $2.50 for it, so I'm happy - normally, they go for $80+ - if you can find them in any condition.

As for the weather - it was in the 40's, but the old north wind came up and it felt more like 25° - unless you were behind the windbreak.

I saw a friend there - a local businessman - and stopped to talk with him, and I mentioned the wind.

Me: "Man! That old wind is a bit nippy, ain't it"?

He "Yeah, but if you stand on the right side of the trees, it's not bad"

Me: "Yup, but out in the open, it's a little chili...."

He: "Well, If you get caught out in the open, you need a big guy like me to break wind for you..."

Me: "Uh.....well, if you're gonna do THAT, I want to be UPWIND from you...."

It took a second for it to sink in, but he had a good laugh about it when it did.

Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, I drove to a nearby farm to buy some alfalfa bales. We got them on the truck, and I headed home. When we went to unload them, I noticed the the top two, on the front, were stripped of their leaves by the wind.

The cows didn't mid, though - they came running to the fence when I drove in. You could SMELL that stuff for a pretty good distance, and it was already driving the cows nuts.

This noon, when I went out to put more hay out for them, they came GALLOPING up to the window, expecting more alfalfa. They were NOT impressed when plain old grass hay came out of the window....

"We Want The GOOD Stuff...."

They begged and pleaded with me until I caved, and gave them some "cow candy". Mabel even used "The Force" on me....

"Look....I want your fodder....."

Mabel Using "The Force...."

They were happy, though, once some of their favorite food was tossed out the window:

Dig on In

One of these days, the wind will slow down, and even stop for a few days, but that will probably be when it's 90° out, and you WANT the wind to blow.

Oh yeah - I talked to my friend from the auction a little later that day - he said a few minutes later, he started to laugh about it again, and laughed hard enough to where he ALMOST broke wind!

Hope he was down wind from the crowd......

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