Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Deja Vu...All Over AGAIN...

Once upon a time, in a scrap yard far, far away, there lived a Fairly (rusted) Princess. This Princess was actually cast out of her castle, and forced to live outside among the serfs of the Kingdom - There with her were all kinds of evil riff-raff, and castaways -

Sir Plow of the Broken Bottom - A fallen Knight whose age befell him.

Lady Harrow - sentenced to the serve remainder of her life  scratching out a meager existence in the dirt.

Nut Case - former Court Jester.

Allis of Chalmers - former Lady in Waiting at the castle, but ended up waiting too long.

But the most EVIL, VILE creature in the entire are was:

Lord Johnny Popper - even his voice would cause nausea in good and noble citizens.

But our story had a happy ending for our Fairly Rusted Princess - she was rescued by the King from a Northern Kingdom - the Kingdom of the Red. The Princess underwent a complete transformation under the hands of the Good King Red - so much so, that she no longer carried the "Rust" part of her name - She would now be known as the Fairly PAINTED Princess.

Now, the Good king Red's reputation for saving good castaway citizens had spread at least 15 miles so, one day, another tossed aside Princess showed up in the Kingdom. She was Fairly (in Pieces) Princess, and about 10 years older. While she is not fully restored to her former glory, the Good King Red is working on her to build up her self esteem. One day, she too, will be able to roam the Kingdom in splendor.

Next, this happened - Unbeknownst to the Good King Red, there lay a PRINCE of Rust in the same deprived land as the other two. He had been rescued by Sir Kirk of Farmall, and was waiting to come back to life once again. He, too, is scheduled to arrive at Kingdom of Red to begin HIS restoration.

The odd thing is, BOTH the Fairly Painted Princess, and the Prince of Rust look very much alike, at least at the point they arrived at the Kingdom. (besides obvious differences - the Princess is from the "F-20" clan, while the Prince is of the "F-30" lineage)

We will need to wait until the transformation has taken place to see how different they really are......

The Prince of Rust:


Fairy (Rusted) Princess:

1937 Farmall F-20

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