Tuesday, April 10, 2012

East Bound And Down...

Remember this photo from my last post? This is Snowflake reacting to something I told her:


We've been keeping a "loose" secret for 3-4 weeks now - only telling SOME family, and a few close friends. I guess now, the cat's out of the bag (so to speak...), so we can tell the rest of the world.
We went into town and paid a visit to a local realtor friend of ours - and he took down our information so he could list our farm for sale!

We've decided that we need to move closer to family in Missouri, and leave this Hillbilly Hill.

Let me refresh your memory on how we came about calling our God given farm Hillbilly Hill......

It was 4 or 5 years ago, and certain people did not like how we did things on OUR farm. They complained to everyone who might listen, some of which, in turn, told us.

There were gripes about:

How our mail box leaned
How our chicken house was built
How our driveway looked
How our barn was made out of scrounged materials
How our barn wasn't painted
How I collected old pieces of iron
How we dressed
Our chickens
Our goats
Our cows
Our "crooked" fence posts
Even my crooked cane I used....

The list continues, but you get the idea....

One such person (who wants to remain anonymous - but we knew right off who it was...) even sent several things through the mail addressed to "Hillbilly Hill Farm".

I SUPPOSE this was a feeble attempt to "shame" us into "changing our ways"... Instead, it made us laugh our behinds off! It was the PERFECT name for our farm! From that moment on we referred to our patch of ground as that same "Hillbilly Hill Farm".

Now, we have a problem - when we DO move to another place, we can't call it Hillbilly Hill because it will be a different place. Our LIFESTYLE won't change, but the farm will.

We don't know where we will end up - we'll let God take care of that - but we want to have a few ideas ready so we can christen our new "ranch".

I thought of "Dogpatch", but it was already taken....

At any rate - we don't know how long it will take, but we hope to be moving soon.

Here is a link to an info page my wife made about our farm for sale:

Hillbilly Hill Farm


  1. I would at least try to find another buyer that would make them miss me! Hope you will coninue your farma nd blog. Lots of good info here. I intend to get a couple of the books.

    1. Bwaaaaaah Tim, that's a good one! I actually had that very same thought this morning!! *giggle* We know a couple people who we'd LOVE to sell it too, just for that reason...unfortunately they aren't in the market to buy as far as I know.

      I'm sure Galen will keep telling his stories, I can't get him to write a book with them, so if he goes to long without blogging I tend "suggest" that he should make a new post cause I do LOVE how he writes, especially about his animals. We will be looking for another farm, if this one sells..if it doesn't, we will just stay here with our animals...God knows what is best for us better than we do.

      Thanks for the chuckle! :-))

  2. Well when you tell them that you sold it to a giant hog farm that can afford to pay off any local politicans with their herd of lawyers to fight any opposition to it but you cant remember the name of the mega corp,they might try to talk you in to staying.Might even offer to milk while you are away for you. Just dont tell them until they are thru that the one with a big smile on his face is a bull! roflmao


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