Sunday, April 1, 2012

Superchicken Strikes Again....

It's been awhile since our favorite feathered Super Hero has (dared) show his head,but it happened this morning....

There I was, minding my own business, having fun playing with a couple tractor parts in the barn. It was a quiet Sunday morning - albeit a BIT hot - the cows were lazing in the barnyard, the cats were playing tag in the barn, the Polar Bear dog snoozed heavily in the shade in my lovely wife's flower bed.

I've been TRYING to break her of that, but she sneaks in when I ain't looking.

Anyhow, the chickens were milling about, clucking softly, then all heck broke loose.

A neighbor had delivered a big round bale of hay about an hour earlier. He dumped it over the fence with his front end loader, then headed on home. That's when I headed out to cut the netting off the bale. It landed on end, so it was fairly simple to remove it. I wadded up the net, and turned around to take it to the barn. That's when I took another look at the bale, and noticed that a piece of netting about 5' long, and 1 foot wide was still attached to it.

Well, I turned right around, and grabbed that piece so nobody would try to eat the thing. I guess that, that small piece caught on the old tractor I have sitting by the gate, because it - apparently - did not make it into the barn.

And it was the cause of the pandemonium later in the morning.

As I said, I was minding my own business when, all of a sudden, every chicken in the world starts screaming and yelling. That's when I notice our hero running by the barn as fast as he could - screaming his head off - with that piece of netting attached to his foot.

Evidently, he was fooling with something he shouldn't have been fooling with, and it chased him all over the yard, with about a dozen other chickens in hot pursuit. They followed him around, and around, until that netting chased him through a "slightly larger than a chicken" hole in the fence, and caught on the wire.

Superbird had been running at flank speed when he came to the end of his short "leash". He did a back flip, landed face down in the dirt just in time for the gaggle following him to catch up and pounce on the poor sod.

Talk about kicking someone when they are down....

Well, at least he managed to extricate himself from the net - it was laying there, as if noting at all had happened.

On another front - we have some "Big News" to tell in the near future - I told the cows, and I'm hoping they can keep a secret. Anyhoo, this was Snowflake's reaction:


Stay tuned....

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  1. *giggle...LOVE the photo of the cows...I can imagine their "reaction" being that!

    You are a great storyteller. :-))


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