Thursday, May 10, 2012

MAD COW, Part Two....

 Unfortunately, we will need to sell her mom, so we decided to let Daisy have her way, and allow her to adopt the new baby! It's funny to see the three of them walking out into the pasture - Snowflake (real mom) on one side, Daisy (adoptive mom) on the other, and baby in the middle.

So far, I think Snowflake actually enjoys the help rearing the child, Daisy is MUCH happier, and Baby likes the fact she can snitch from both.

This afternoon, we came home from a short trip, and saw all three of them in the pasture, close to the barn. They were hanging out under a nice shade tree, just chewing the day away.  When we got the truck unloaded, we took the Doxies for a walk. Of course, Peaches stayed at a distance from the cows, but Autumn, barged right into the pasture like she owns the place.

I guess Daisy took offence at this, and came stomping over to get rid of the menace in the hotdog suit. I figured out right away what Daisy was doing (as if Autumn would hurt the calf....), and got between the two. Autumn side-stepped me, lunged at Daisy, and snapped.

This stopped Daisy dead in her tracks, but she still had that "look" in her eye, so I decided to pick the mean grizzly bear up, and get her out of harm's way.

Meanwhile, the baby got up, came over and sniffed Autumn's nose. I guess Daisy wasn't impressed, because she walked off snorting....

Some people's kids! Make friends with a ferocious beast like Autumn!

Oh well, it was nice to know that the little one is well protected.

We finally got word today that the paperwork for the sale of our farm has been signed! It's a good thing - we've already found a place in Missouri, and need to get packing! Can't wait until it's all over with!

Anyone wanting to volunteer to help pack and load the truck is MORE than welcome to stop by!

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