Friday, November 2, 2012

The LOOOONG Hiatis.....

It's been a LONG time since my last post, and a lot of things have been going on!

First, of course, we've moved to North Central Missouri. The New Hillbilly Hill is a few acres smaller than the old one, but, has a bit lusher grass, more trees (HUGE stately Oaks, included), and Amish neighbors. One advantage to that is, one Amish neighbor runs a sawmill. We layed up enough wood  - all from his "ends and pieces" pile - to have enough to burn this winter - a pretty good sized pile for not a lot of money. I've also purchased several 2x6 Oak planks from him to build a stanchion with.

Wood pile

I plan on buying a lot more from him in the future to build a shop with.

To THAT end, we cut down a few tall Cedar trees, and took them over to have him make 6x6 poles out of them.


These are all at least 13 feet long. There are seven poles and several 2x6 boards along with them. He cut them for us for less than it would have cost for ONE pole in town.

Speaking of poles and buildings....The main part of our new barn is up! I still need to add a couple "lean-to" sheds to it, but it will work for now. It's a WHOLE lot better then milking the cow outside!

Shasta's breakfast time!

We got things up just in time, too! I decided - along with my lovely wife - that I NEEDED to paint my F-20 before snow flew. If that happened, it would need to wait until spring. So, in between everything else, I FINALLY got her painted (tractor, not wife....)! It was dark, a little dusty, and not the BEST place to paint, but she looks better now (the tractor, my wife is ALWAY gorgeous....). Today, my BIL helped me get the last rear tire ready to go on, so I will be able to get a better photo soon. Here is a not-so-good one for now.

"New" Rims

Another good reason for a barn being built is -


Our first baby born here arrived in mid August. We named her Shasta Daisy (in keeping with our "flower" names).

Camera Shy

Then, TODAY the second baby arrived! We haven't named her yet, but she was born about 9:00 this morning. Her mom might not look the part, but she is a "Brindle" Jersey.

Momma Clover

I am just THANKFUL we got moved, and the 100°+ weather appears to be behind us!

There has been SO much going on since May, it's hard to find a place to start! Hopefully, I can get back on this thing, and tell more about it!


  1. I'm so glad to see you posting again. Glad you made the move okay. The barn looks great and so do the calves.

  2. I have to agree with "Granny"! I too am glad to see you posting again!! Looking forward to your animal stories and updates on the projects!
    The tractor looks great!

  3. Great to see ya'll posting again, I was sort of worried that something bad had happened to you.

    Crane Man


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