Thursday, November 22, 2012


OK, so, even though it IS Thanksgiving, "Turkey" Day, and also Thursday - and I AM THANKFUL for the many blessings we have - THAT'S not what I'm talking about! What THIS "T-Day" stands for is....


This is the day my 2 McCormick-Deering 10-20 tractors finally come home! They have been out in western Nebraska at a friends house, waiting for me to come get them. I had arranged for another friend, who was making a trip out there, to swing by and grab them, but he had some medical issues (he's better now), so didn't make it.

Yet another friend decided that he would run out last weekend to bring them back to his place, then haul them over here today, since he is coming for Thanksgiving.

At any rate, today is Tractor Day, the most wonderful time of year! It can actually occur any time during the year, and even multiple times each year, depending on how many tractors you collect, and how often. It's a very versatile day! I would LOVE to celebrate it once a month from here on out, but I don't know how that will work out - my wallet is on a serious diet.

Maybe someone should petition Congress to make it an OFFICIAL Holiday - I hear August is lacking in National Holidays, and it's high time it got one! We could "sell" it as an "agriculture awareness" day, and people would never know that we are just trying to boost our!

Sounds like a plan to me........

McCormick-Deering 10-20 #1

McCormick-Deering 10-20 #2

Anyhow, my friend, Kirk, left his place a little before 5:00 am this morning, headed east from Nebraska. He should be here about 9:00. Of course, he wants all the Pumpkin Pie he can eat before he heads back.

I'm inclined to let him have it all - I can't stand the stuff....

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