Tuesday, November 13, 2012

She SAID It was CHICKEN.....

My wife has always been a wonderful cook. Oh, there have been the occasional duds, like Pickle Relish Pie, and the time she and a niece made "Meat Slop" (it was SUPPOSED to be Meat LOAF....) but, all-in-all, she does a great job.

Usually she lets me see her get something out of the freezer, and start getting ready to make supper as I am headed out to bring the cows in for the night. When I come back in, supper is waiting  for me. I usually never question what it is, because I know it's gonna be good.

Then there are times like last night.....

Maybe I SHOULD keep a closer eye on what she makes, or at least question it a little further.

She made sure to let me see her get chicken out, and even started some baked potatoes to throw me off track. I caught her this time, though....

I was all excited about supper until I see this resting on my plate:

She SAYS Its "Chicken"....

I said "What - you trying to feed me FROGS, now?"

She just laughed, and said "Just eat it, it's CHICKEN!"

Yeah right, don't look like no chicken I ever had before....If you look close, it's trying to escape the peas, and hop off the plate!

At any rate, I saved it for last, then choked it down, lest I had it force fed me for making a big deal about it.

I found out that frogs really DO taste like chicken......


  1. I was expecting to see frogs legs in the pictures instead of chicken legs,
    but that looks like the baby toads that are under all my water
    troughs ......... eeeeeeeeewe.

  2. Don't forget the shake-n-bake! :-) :-)


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