Sunday, November 11, 2012

Splish, Splash....Floater

Since it is getting on toward winter, I have been working on getting things re-arranged and somewhat put away before snow flies.

I'm not completely done moving stuff, but a huge "dent" has been made. Since the party we sold the farm to was charging us $30 a day to move, we had to get as much out as fast as we could, in order to not have to pay them very much. We ended up just unloading the trailers, and letting things pile up where they landed, so we could head back for another load.

Now, I have to hurry before bad weather hits.

Sometimes, it has been a rough task - like moving all the tractor parts from the yard to a better place in - or beside - a shed. I moved 6 barrels full of small parts from around a tree, to pallets up by our "attic" shed.

These were pretty heavy, and needed to be rolled onto a pallet so I could get them with the tractor. They aren't TOO heavy, but can be annoying at times. I got them all up off the ground, and by the shed - somewhat out of sight.

My next task was to move all of the pallets of parts from the yard to beside a different shed. It was kind of "musical junk" for awhile. I had to move a pile of tin (i.e. - build the chicken house...) to make room for the parts, then had to move some parts to make room for the barrels, then move some OTHER stuff to be able to move the rest of the parts, then.....

Well, lets just say it was not a straight forward move....

Not only did I need to move things around in the BACK yard, I needed to move all of the heavy stuff from beside the house. I had tractor parts, rims, tires, wheels, a manure spreader, other implements, more barrels, pallets, etc, etc, etc. All of it had to move to get things cleaned up and ready for winter.

The spreader was particularly daunting. It had a broken slinger, and had jammed itself together so it would not roll forward. I had to get the wrenches and sawzall out to remove broken pieces so it could be moved. Then, I loaded it down with parts, and hauled it beside a DIFFERENT shed.

One of the loads I had to take before the spreader could be moved, was a pile of small rims and tires. The tractor was backed up, the pallet loaded, and I was on my way.

Unfortunately, the load was smaller when I got to where I wanted them. I had turned the corner, crossed the driveway, and headed up the hill through the front yard. It's not a STEEP hill, but the incline is JUST enough to cause something round (like a tire on a rim) to start moving. I was almost to the crest of the hill when I looked back to see the top tire and rim assembly jump off, and head back down the hill.

I THOUGHT I had strapped it on, but it had fooled me, the strap held the rest of the stuff, but this one somehow had missed getting "hooked". I watched as it picked up speed, racing down the hill. It was actually heading toward a spot about 4-5 feet from where it originally was. It even curved over in the right direction.

The, IT happened - I saw it hit a small 4x4 block that was resting in front of the spreader about 3 feet. This caused the wayward wheel to vere sharply to the right, and continue down the hill toward a brush pile we've piled there. It snuck under the electric fence without difficulty, ran straight for the brush pile and safety, then....

Took ANOTHER hard right, and rolled right into our cesspool...


I've already made one trip into a cesspool in my life, and I don't plan on making another, I'll just have to push it to the bank with a stick, then haul it out.

It's a Chevy 5 bolt rim, so MAYBE I should just leave it in there....

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