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Sunday, March 24, 2013

It FINALLY Happened....

Peaches has been tossing around this old "tennis ball" for over a year now. It has gotten progressively worse for wear as time went along. It's not a "normal" tennis ball - we get them at the local farm store, and always buy the "oversize" version - the ones that are about 6" in diameter.

While she plays with the real tennis balls - of the correct size - she LOVES these huge ones that are bigger then her head. She just "peals" the fuzz back, until she can carry it by that. This particular ball just flat refused to die! We've had it's replacement on a shelf for quite some time, but weren't about to give it to her until all the play was gone from the one she had.

A couple days ago, Peaches wanted to play, so she grabbed her ball, and came running. I tossed it a couple of times - to which she happily gave chase - and then the unthinkable happened.

It BROKE.....

Dead Ball

She dropped it at my feet (which is odd, in itself....), I picked up the rubber "ball" part, and she grabs the fuzz. All of a sudden, she had the fuzz in her mouth, I had the ball in my hand - and they weren't attached to each other!

Peaches stood there for a few seconds, trying to register what happened - just STARING at me, and the ball in my hand. She knew something was odd about it, but just not quite sure WHAT! She spit the fuzz out, and looked at me as if to say "Fix it!"

Well, the only way I figured to "fix" it, was to go to the shelf, blow the dust off the new, 6 month old one, and let her have at it!

Old and New

Her eyes lit up when she saw the new ball, and she had HUGE fun chasing it, then standing on it so she could get leverage to peel some fuzz.

She had to make a hand....er....jaw hold.

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