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Monday, March 25, 2013

Sleeping With The Enemy.....

This big, powder puff, polar bear of a guard dog. Has FINALLY been caught!

There, for awhile, I'd open the front door, and see a furry flash as the cat would high-tail it off the porch. It went on for weeks. I had my suspicions, but could never quite prove what was going on under our very noses. The cat would stop at the foot of the stairs, look back, and calmly go about her business. The dog would just lay there like nothing happened.

Well, they finally got caught!

The moved their operation to under the back steps - where they apparently thought we couldn't see. I fixed their wagon! After lulling them for 3-4 days, I had my camera at the ready.....

I had been making the mistake of waiting to turn the camera on until I was outside. All this did was to alert the two co-conspirators that I wanted to take their photo. They would hear the "beep" from the camera, and make a hasty exit (well, at least the CAT made an exit - the dog just lounged....).

Finally, I wised up, and turned the camera on BEFORE I went outside. No "beep", no warning.

I calmly walked down the steps like normal - except for the ready camera - turned around and nabbed them in the act:

Soft Bed

The cat opened her eyes enough to notice her picture had been taken, but the dog snoozed on....for a little bit.


They just lay there, not knowing what to do. After a few seconds, the cat zipped away, and Yani made like nothing had been going on., to the point of laying her head back down to continue her snooze....

And she calls herself a DOG.....

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