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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Proud of Herself....

A few nights ago, my lovely wife noticed that the "boys" (Trinity, KC, and Buddy Boy) were out in the orchard where they don't belong. They had snuck under a one-wire electric "gate" I had separating the garden from the orchard. They were looking for any green 'shoots" they could lay their grubby little lips on, and the orchard was elected.  I figured that they would be ok out there until the next morning, since it was getting close to dark.

Well, after milking the next morning, I set about to "fix" the wayward critters so they wouldn't munch any of the young fruit trees in the orchard. The first part of the plan was to get them OFF the orchard, and back to where they belonged.

By now, Pearl had joined them in their quest......

Pearl is the easy one, just grab hold of her halter, and start walking, she follows right along after you, with almost zero effort. So, I get the horse back on the right side of the wire, and head off to get the bovine.

THEY - of course - aren't horses, and, being "bulls", they are.....well.....more "Bull Headed"....

I play rodeo roundup for a few minutes, chasing everyone around a small wood pile I have out there, but manage to finally get them across the wire, and out of the orchard.

It didn't last long.

As I was pulling up the wire to hook it back up, the three naughty cows decided that it was a good time to zip behind my back - and back over the wire to the orchard.

Pearl stood back and observed all the goings on, and decided to make the trip herself. Only this time it was "different". She didn't just zip across the wire, and start eating grass. Nope, instead, she quietly walked down the fence row.

Me, I was headed down the fence row on the other side of the orchard, figuring to get behind the cows, and turn them back up the hill to where I wanted them to go. I managed to get them up to the wood pile again - and the game of "Ring Around The Rosie" commenced. We made two trips around that pile of wood before Pearl stepped in.

She was quietly watching the proceedings, then decided to come to my aide. As the bovine rounded the wood pile - headed in the WRONG direction - Pearl deftly stepped to her right a couple of steps, and shook her head.

Them cows stopped dead in their tracks! I stood still, and watched as Pearl just pointed her nose up the hill, and took a step toward the cows. They got the message REAL quick, and headed up the hill in the RIGHT DIRECTION! Pearl stepped in behind them, and walked them until they had crossed the wire, back to where they belonged!

Once they got across the line, Pearl just stood there, not letting them get by her to freedom. After The wire went back up, she came over to me with her head up high, making soft "snuffling" noises. You could see it on her face, she was happy to help, and proud of herself for figuring out what needed done!

Of course, she was also probably motivated by the thought of a carrot as a reward.....

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