Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A couple of slow days.....

Monday 17 April 06

After a busy week last week, this week has been slow! It started out with a trip to the neighbor's to get some grain on Monday. I still had the 55 gallon drums in the pickup that afternoon. Since the same neighbor has a Roller Mill, I was on my way BACK to his place when a deer ran out in front of me! When I hit the brakes, one of the barrels tipped over and broke the rear window out of my 1997 Ford F-150! Corn spilled all over the bed, and inside the cab of the truck! I was only going 20 MPH! Well - we cracked the corn and I went home to clean up the truck and put the corn away. I now have 3 1/2 barrels of cracked corn for the chickens and goats! At the local elevator or farm store it would have cost me over $100, I paid $24 and a new back glass for it.............COMING SOON TO A FORD PICK-UP NEAR ME -- "HEADACHE RACK"!

Tuesday 18 April 06

We made the 50 mile trip to Lincoln to get the glass for the pickup. Managed to buy one for $50. Ford made it simple to replace - no rubber gasket, no spline to fight - the glass is already in a frame. All you do is apply a bead of caulking or "rope seal" and put it in! The glass/frame assembly is held in by 10 bolts through the cab. WAY easier then the last one I did!

Wednesday 19 April 06

I WAS going to put the glass in the pickup and some other things, but had my plans changed! I felt it coming on for a couple of days, but yesterday's trip let it come on full force! I spent all day inside the house (except for taking care of the animals) due to a nice Spring cold! My wife is getting it from me and she is absolutely THRILLED! Probably won't accomplish much for a few days! I did find out that I have another shed to help tear down - starting Sunday 30 April 06 - it will garner me enough tin to finish my goat barn, so I'm happy!

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