Saturday, April 22, 2006

Finally feeling a bit better!

After not feeling well myself for a few days, the wife caught what ever I had and she was out for most of the past three days! I'm about 95% recovered and she is about 75%. Still haven't put the glass in the pick-up because I need her help to hold it for a minute or two, and she hasn't been able to do much. I HATE Spring colds! I did manage to work on some fence this morning and haul out the last of the old bedding from my Tractor Shed! I just have to tear down a couple of temporary walls and I have my shed back from the goats!

I have a hen who is pretty adamant about "sitting". She is on a clutch of only 4-5 eggs so far, but she wants to stay there BAD! She gets off of the nest twice a day to eat, stretch, drink and "other" things, then it's right back on the nest. I decided that I will just let her eggs alone and see what she does. I will have to build a "cage" of some sort, before too long, so the other hens leave her, and her clutch alone, but that won't be a problem. This afternoon, after one of her stretches, she hopped back into the wrong nest box! She settled down like normal for about 10 minutes, then suddenly jumped out and moved over to the right one! The "light" must have come on when she realized she wasn't sitting on any eggs!

I also managed to push up a few Cedar trees with the tractor today. These were the ones we had cut and sheared earlier in the year. I still have to pile about 1000 more in the next week or two!

I posted a couple of additional photos in the "Goat" photo album. These are ones of Bunny, the youngest girl we have. She is having a good time climbing on me and getting a back scratch!

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