Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tin, Tin, Tin!

Today I spent the afternoon at a neighbor's house helping to tear down and old shed. It was originally moved from a place in Iowa that is over 65 miles away! It was the first building on the farm, and has been here since about 1900. We removed all of the tin from the roof today and will start with the demolition tomorrow if it is not raining! It was kinda fun at times - the more tin we removed, the shakier the building became! I brought home 17 pieces each of 12', 8', 4', and 2' tin! It is all old (at least older than 1945), but in great shape! It is "soft" or "lead" tin and is a bit thicker than newer tin. The top is rusty, but the underneath side is still bright and shiney! It will come in handy for the goat barn!

There were also over a dozen Raspberry plants and 30-40 Horseradish plants that they want to get rid of. Tomorrow (even if it is raining!), I will be over there with my shovel and transplant as much as I can. It's still early enough for the Raspberries, and Horseradish transplants well most any time.

I also found a line on a three bottom plow! It sets in the fence row of an older farmer about a mile from my house! He said to come on over and drag it out!

MORE stuff to do!

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