Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One Dirty Job!

Well - we got the tin off of the shed on Sunday, so we went back over yesterday (Monday) and tore down the rest of the shed. It was pretty shaky, so it fell rather easily, but it broke into several pieces. It only took about 3 hours to get it shoved over and drug away to the burn pile, so we are happy! It was finished on the inside with lath and plaster, so dust was a real problem!

I also managed to transplant 12 raspberries, but didn't get to the Horseradish! I had a VA appointment today (and it was raining anyway) so I didn't get any more plants moved. I hope to get some more tomorrow. I made a line of the raspberries along one side of our orchard. I planted them about 4 foot apart and hope they will fill in. I'm planning on setting a couple of posts and running a wire between them so I will be able to "train" them easier.

A wise old timer told me to crack and egg into the hole under the plant while I'm transplanting. I am gonna try it and see what happens! It might be cheap fertilizer!

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